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Moving Your Business in Business Bay, Dubai? We Can Help.

Relocating Is never easy. There are different tasks to do and remembering all of it is not a breeze. Here are some tips, strategies and solutions shared as we tell what services we offer. So you can sit back and relax when you opt for us for moving your business in Business Bay.

Overview of Business Bay, Dubai:

Business Bay, Dubai is full of crowd, traffic, opportunities and skyscrapers. A lot is happening here at the same time. Daytime progress and vibrant night life both are possible in the area.

Introduction to Movey:

We are the experts in moving your business in Business Bay, Dubai. Experience a smooth office relocation. The team is ready to assist you with our services that will match your unique needs. We help pack, move, and unpack. It is as easy with us as it sounds.


Understanding the Business Bay Landscape:

It is important to understand the area you are moving your business in Business Bay or where you aim to run your business.

Why Business Bay?

Business Bay is one of the best choice for moving your business in Business Bay. This is because of its nature, architecture, and infrastructure. True to its name, it has been designed for businesses to take the center stage here.

Challenges of Moving in Business Bay:

It is a very busy place. A lot happens here and it becomes hard to keep up for many. Moving your business in Business Bay has its own set of challenges. Companies need to book for the service many months ahead of their move. There are a lot of things concerning logistics to figure out. Rescheduling is another stress altogether.

The most important point to remember here is that the toughest of challenges are solved by the masters of problem solving. This sentiment rings true for moving your business in Business Bay too. Consider us the problem solvers for the challenges you might face.


Services Offered by Movey:

There are various services from us that cater to the varying needs of our clients. This is not an exhaustive list of our services:

  • Apartment packing and moving
  • Single item moving
  • Villa packing and moving
  • Office packing and moving
  • Furniture moving
  • House moving and packing
  • Furniture moving

Customized Moving Solutions:

Be it moving fragile items or antiques, they call for customized solutions when people relocate. Collectors of antique pieces or owners of the most fragile items opt for these services for packing and moving. Families who have heirlooms passed down from generation to generations are protective of them. They are also the ones in need of these solutions.

Efficient Packing and Unpacking:

Not all things are to be packed the same way. Different materials call for different measures. Some are great with just being put in a box. Others need to be packed with a bubble wrap or with multiple layers of clothing. Our services of efficient packing and unpacking help big time.

Logistics and Transportation:

We figure out all the logistics and transportation when it comes to moving your business in Business Bay. Leave the matters of keeping track of all the inventory to us. We will be transporting all the office supplies to the destination with utmost care.

Moving your business to Business Bay

Benefits of Choosing Movey:

There are many benefits to choosing us for moving your business in Business Bay.

Experience and Expertise:

The people all set for moving your Business in Business Bay are experts at what they do. They are trained. Having the necessary experience. They attend regular sessions that refreshes the course of actions they need to take when moving and packing equipment and supplies.

Minimized Downtime:

Contact us ahead of time and face minimum to no downtime. For moving your business in Business Bay, we get right down to work on the specified time.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

High quality and expensive are not synonymous. Neither should they be. Our solutions make cost-effective and quality service happen in the same sentence.


Client Success Stories:

Hear from the clients. Read their stories.

Case Studies:

Here is one of the case studies among many:

Office Relocation Became Far Easier with Movey:

From heaviest of equipment to tiniest of supplies, everything found its way safe to the new location.


  • Client: Connect Business Center
  • Industry: Corporate office
  • Products or services used: Moving office
  • Results:
    • 150 heavy office equipment packed and moved
    • 20 boxes of office supplies moved

The Problem:

  • Connect Business Center is a leading company operating in Business Bay. They provide businesses with professional office spaces.
  • They were planning to move their own offices within Business Bay. They had a lot of machines, equipment and other items to keep track of.
  • Any hindsight could have damaged the machines. It would have resulted in lost items too.

The Solution:

  • Luckily they found Movey through their online search for a reliable moving and packing service
  • What stood out to them was that we specialize specifically in moving your business in Business Bay
  • Packed all their printing machines, devices, gadgets, chargers and cords with the care they need when moving them from one place to another
  • Tracked everything with an inventory list
  • We moved, packed and unpacked all their stationery and supplies.

The Results:

  • 150 heavy office equipment including cords, computers and printing machines packed and moved
  • 20 boxes full of office stationery and supplies moved safely



  • Connect Business Center continues to provide their excellent services operating from their new location
  • They spread the word about our services to their contacts and brought us more clients

Client Testimonials:

This is what past clients have had to say:

One time we needed to move our apartments and needed moving and packing services. Movey helped us in everything concerning the move. Because of them, we could take a moment of ourselves when we were already exhausted from the idea of relocating.”

“It is not every day that you pack and move villas. With more numbers of bedrooms around the villa, the work to pack everything piles up. It is hard to juggle everything out. Thankfully, I contacted Movey and booked their services. I don’t know how we would have managed without them.”

“IT agencies have got all kinds of computers, hardware, machines, and charging cords. It is a lot of work to jump from one location to another. Then there’s the matter of remembering everything so you do not end up leaving anything behind. There was one ray of hope at the time of our moving: Movey. They took care of everything. Highly recommend them for moving your business in Business Bay!”

Unpacking your business in business bay

How to Get Started with Movey?

It is quite easy to start the process.

Contact Information:

Our email address is contact@movey.com. You can also head to our Contact page and fill out a form there. Our physical address, also available at our website, is Floor 8 and 9, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Initial Consultation Process:

Contact us at the earliest with the dates and details of your moving and we will sort things out with an initial consultation process. We assess what needs to be moved and what needs to be packed with added layers of protection and wraps.



It is a lot when the time to move offices come. There are a lot of things to do and everything is coming to the brim when you have to pack, move and unpack it all. This is the time to reach out to people who are experts in offering this kind of service. For your moving and packing needs, contact Movey.


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